The Process



The process begins with an idea 

which is then creatively refined into a design concept. 

The piece is then handcrafted with precision and care                  

resulting in a distinctive piece that will last a lifetime.

1. Idea 

Every project starts with an idea – The idea usually starts with the customer based on what they are looking for.  The idea can be as broad as needing to fill a space in the home all the way to a dimensionally, wood type, and shape specific piece of furniture!  I welcome all ideas and can work with you to bring your idea to new creative heights!  



Walnut Nesting Table Example:

For this project the customer wanted to fill a space in their living room with some sort of end table. The customer knew they wanted it to be round and mentioned that the nesting table concept appealed to them.

2. Design Concept

Once the idea is brought to me, I take several design approaches to generate multiple 3D models based on your initial idea.  The dimensionally accurate 3D models and renderings provide an accurate representation of what the finished product will look like for the customers to review before hitting the “go” button on fabrication.  During this important step of the process we work together to refine the design until it fulfills and exceeds your desires.

Walnut Nesting Table Example: 

Based on the customer’s input, I used 3d modeling software to generate multiple design concepts of round nesting tables to present to the customer in the form of high resolution renderings.

3.  Handcrafted

Following an agreed upon design concept, the 3D model is used as a guiding backbone to properly calculate, glue-up, flatten, cut, shape, and join lumber and other materials until it accurately represents the agreed upon design. 

During this stage extreme care is taken to ensure proper glue faces, grain direction, and tight joinery which produces life-long durability in the finished piece.  This step is where the magic and artistry truly happen.  Blake’s Makes has experience with a variety of techniques and materials to make the fabrication and construction of even the most complex pieces a reality.

Walnut Nesting Table Example: 

The build process started with sourcing high quality, kiln-dried lumber.  After carefully gluing up and flattening solid walnut panels, the curves were cut using a router and specially made jig.  Pockets were cut on the bottom side of the panels to create recessed areas for the steel baseplates and holes were drilled at precise locations for steel legs to penetrate through the base.  Steel components were fabricated and welded by hand to fit perfectly into the pre-cut wood pockets with just enough room to allow for wood expansion and contraction.


4. Last a Lifetime


After the primary fabrication of each piece is complete, Blake’s Makes shifts focus towards creating a beautiful and durable finish for each piece.  Finishing methods may vary from an oil based hardwax oil to pre-catalyzed lacquer depending on application.  Regardless of finish method chosen as suitable to the project at hand, each project is given a *lifetime guarantee with confidence.  Blake’s Makes is confident in selecting the appropriate finish for each piece and will stand behind the selection and application of finish and is sure it will last a lifetime.


Walnut Nesting Table Example: 

The walnut surfaces of this piece were finished with a satin pre-catalyzed lacquer for superior wear and scratch resistance as tables.  The steel components were finished with an enamel based paint that prevents against rust and chipping.  All in all, this nesting table set is sure to last a lifetime!

"Amazing quality and delivery.

He worked a large custom piece of wood art for my new apartment. Blake worked with me every step of the way making sure it was the right piece for the space. Delivered on time and turned out better than expected, looking forward to more projects with Blake in the future."



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